All persons over 18 years of age with whom we have established a relationship in accordance with SEC regulations, regardless of their nationality and country of residence.

Investment amounts vary depending on the project and usually tickets are in the range of USD 15.000 to USD 100.000. However, you can partner with other investors to acquire a participation ticket in a project of your interest if your budget is limited.

You are a member of the entity that purchases the property and in the incorporation documents of the company your percentage of participation in the project is registered according to your investment in the project. In the same way you are a limited member of the company that acquires the property which means that your financial and legal obligations are limited and protected which results in an additional benefit for the investors.

Yields are settled according to the rents received after the liquidation of the operational and financial commitments of the project.

These distributions are made on a quarterly basis.

We look for a buyer who is a current partner within the same entity in the first instance, if it is not possible to find a buyer we as general partners study the possibility of acquiring that participation, finally, we go out to look for possible outside investors who are interested in acquiring your participation at the current market price.

As a member of the LLC acquiring the property you will receive annually a K-1 form which shows detailed information of your participation and taxable income, this form must be submitted to your accountant so you can file the respective return, which must show the income from your participation in the project.

In the event of the death of any of the general partners, this does not imply the termination of the partnership, nor the cessation of operations of the project with its respective cash flows or payment of distributions to the members up to the point of exit, since the company does not depend on the strict presence of any of the general partners to continue operating. In addition, ELAN CAPITAL has a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are in charge of the day-to-day operation and will continue to work to maximize the value of each real estate project.

In the event that the general partners were to withdraw, all current projects would have to be liquidated for the consequent payment to the investors of the total amount of their investment plus any returns, however, this is a very remote scenario.

ELAN CAPITAL invests in real estate, therefore, in the incorporation documents of the company (LLC) that makes the investment in a particular project, you can see the record in name and percentage of your participation, once the negotiation is registered you will receive a copy of this document and in turn in the public records you can see that the company is the owner of the corresponding project.

Of course you can make visits that are previously scheduled, once the logistics have been coordinated since the projects are in different cities all over the USA.

Of course, depending on the structure of your investment you will need different types of documentation to be filled out, certifying the origin of resources and structuring the fiscal responsibility, according to the case.

Every type of investment has risk, there is no guarantee of returns since there are many variables or factors that can vary the profitability of the project and are beyond our control. However, real estate is one of the safest and most stable investment products. Keep in mind that our projects are leveraged and banks lend us up to 80% of the total cost of the project, being this a risk mitigation because they make a thorough analysis before approving to disburse the resources.

ELAN CAPITAL does not charge commissions, our interests are in line with those of our investors, seeking to make the business profitable for all participating parties.

ELAN CAPITAL has the day to day management and supervision of the project, operational, administrative, fiscal, marketing and other aspects, additionally we are the guarantor before the financial entities being us who assume all the banking risk, freeing our investors of the financial obligation in case of an eventual loss beyond the participation they have in the project.

*Making investments involves risk and may even result in the loss of capital. It is possible that previous results, or probability projections are not necessarily an indicator of the performance of future projects, thus, any demonstration of past performance is not a guarantee or indication of possible future results. Prospective investors should consult with a tax or legal advisor before making any investment decision.